Re-pointing can be a laborious job. For many years the old method of hacking out old mortar with a plugging chisel or other hand tools put people off carrying out Re-pointing. Although for stonework and period buildings using this method is a must, thanks to more modern and innovative equipment Repoint use mortar raking tools attached to dust extractors when raking out old mortar ensuring that we leave as little mess. When applying new mortar we use specially designed pointing guns to ensure that the new mortar applied reaches the cavity depth giving adequate cohesion with the under-layer and prolonging the lifetime of the new mortar. Using this equipment requires precision to avoid over-cutting bricks so every person carrying out this work is well trained and experienced.  

Repoint use Lime mortars whenever possible and are skilled in the use of N.H.L 3.5


  • All aspects of brick/stone work re pointing
  • Full house/Gable ends/Garden walls/Patios
  • Roofline pointing/Chimney stacks
  • Brick replacement
  • Existing mortar matching
  • Crack stitching using heli bars